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International RNs

Here's a familiar scenario to many healthcare organizations: you're short on available registered nurses. Your HR department has maxed out its recruitment efforts on the local, regional and sometimes national level. Pay raises, bonus incentives, set work schedules, educational incentives and loan repayment have all been offered. Budget busters for short term band aids like travelers and registry personnel offer no return on investment. And that's not the worst of it. According to the US Census Bureau, 75 million baby boomers will hit retirement age and be eligible for medicare in 2011. The average age of a nurse now is 45 years old; many are ready to retire. What if your facility has plans for expansion? How will you staff it adequately?

Consulting Services that Solve Your Nursing Shortage

Wellspring Medical Resources specializes in the international recruitment of registered nurses for direct hire. Admittedly, the easiest hires are those that already live in your community or are at least living in the US. The reality though is that there just aren't enough nurses to go around. That's why Wellspring Medical Resources has tapped the international registered nurse market and done so with success. We've recruited registered nurses from London, Dublin, Dubai, Israel, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines in varying specialty areas including med/surge, ICU, OR, ED and L&D. They have excellent English speaking skills, have an average of 5 to 7 years nursing experience in an acute care environment and are committed to working at your facility for at least two to three years. For many, it's their dream to live and work in the US. For others, it's a chance to experience a new way of life and a new culture all while practicing in the most technologically advanced healthcare system in the world.

A la Carte Menu of Services

While some international recruitment companies offer an inflexible, "my way or the highway" approach to the recruitment of international registered nurses, Wellspring Medical Resources provides a flexible menu of services designed to complement and enhance your internal recruitment efforts. Our customized approach allows you to select the services that best meet your needs and budget. They include:

  • Workforce planning strategies
  • Recruitment venue selection
  • Identification and recruitment of nurses based on your hiring criteria
  • Interviews can be conducted onsite at the recruitment venue or via videoconferencing or webex
  • Processing and maintenance of hired candidates including NCLEX preparation, BON application, English language exams, visa screen and acculturation
  • Immigration consulting services to fast track your hires through the green card process

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